Lockjaws art exhibition image
25 September 2015

Lockjaw creates art at OpenSpace

OpenSpace was really excited to welcome its first art exhibition into the space on Friday 4th September 2015. Playing host to 3 young local Bristol artists who used the 2000sqft to showcase and trial some of their ideas, OpenSpace welcomed the art community through the doors to enjoy the installation, socialise and get inspired.

The three artists Issac Stacey, Karamjit Panesar and Jack Wilson (Lewdjaw) worked throughout the day to create an exhibition that was an intriguing mix of modern and contemporary art, using painting, sculpture, sounds and video to apply their craft.

The artists made the most of the accessories and flexibility of OpenSpace, using our wooden pallets, movable walls, giant magnetic white board and projector to help enhance the staging of the artwork and the experience of the visitors as they interacted with the exhibition – even using our ideas wall to capture feedback.

Issac Stacey, Karamjit Panesar and Jack Wilson(Lewdjaw) are also the co-creators of Lockjaw, a magazine celebrating up and coming artists of a variety of disciplines from illustration to poetry and is available online or in print here.

Check out the video here for a glimpse of Lockjaws’ First Draft art exhibition at OpenSpace.