Healthy city week logo 2
7 October 2015

OpenSpace are proud to sponsor Healthy City Week

“This is a new platform for conversations at every level in the city, which we are confident will lead to […]

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Lockjaws art exhibition image
25 September 2015

Lockjaw creates art at OpenSpace

OpenSpace was really excited to welcome its first art exhibition into the space on Friday 4th September 2015. Playing host […]

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3 September 2015

Join us for a Bristol Green Capital Partnership and STEEP Lunchtime Talk

Join us for a Bristol Green Capital Partnership and STEEP Lunchtime Talk: Planning for a Smarter Energy Future for Bristol […]

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11 August 2015

Where do you find creativity?

We all find creative inspiration in different places, whether in a bustling city centre coffee shop, on top of a […]

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The Punkt MP 01

Slave to your smartphone?

Every minute of every day technology is developing; giving consumers more and more tools to navigate through their day-to-day lives […]

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23 July 2015

100 Ideas Office Event – Future Workspaces

OpenSpace was proud to host the three week long 100 Ideas Office Event from 15th June – 3rd July– an […]

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28 May 2015

Guest Blog – #Voscur 20 – Meeting the Decision Makers

Voscur hosted an exciting event at OpenSpace last Thursday – the first of several planned for this year to celebrate […]

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An ArjoWiggins pop up in Paris.
27 April 2015

Why we love pop ups

The ability to transform a space is almost limitless. Not only can you transform how a space looks by painting, […]

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4 March 2015

100 Ideas Office

Opening in early May and running for three weeks, we’ll be showcasing some of the brightest and most sustainable ideas out there for the office. The ones that aim to make the workplace richer, smarter, cooler, tastier, healthier, happier or just simpler.

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27 February 2015

Creating together

To really think “outside the box”, it’s worth thinking outside the office. Open Space provides a stimulating environment to help open the mind and let all those great ideas flood out.

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